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“When you take a realistic look at life, you realize no one is perfect. Everyone has to deal with personal problems,” said Mike Mickle, President of Mickle Communications. “Unfortunately, many young people with problems may feel isolated, and not wish to discuss their feelings. They may be ashamed to admit they struggle with depression. Some may be so beaten down by bullies, they don’t know how to ask for help or demand change.”

That’s why Mike and his wife Karen, through Mickle Communications, created the Healthy Happy Families Foundation (HHFF). HHFF is a 501(c)(3) not-for-profit organization created to empower children to overcome the burdens weighing them down, while educating the community about the prevalence of those dangers. “HHFF provides both a voice and support for young people and their families,” he said.

According to Mickle, the first HHFF outreach component – the We All Have Stuff campaign – will launch this month. “This initiative will work in conjunction with our September prime-time television special, If You Only Knew: The Journey Through Teen Depression and Suicide,” Mickle said. The We All Have Stuff campaign will feature the following components:

  • A traveling mural will visit schools in the Quad City area. A ribbon-cutting ceremony for the mural will be held at10 a.m., Sept. 11,at Vera French Community Mental Health Center, 1441 W Central Park Ave., Davenport, IA. Area educators are invited to attend. Students can write or draw on the mural to show the “stuff” that holds them back. The HHFF thanks three Quad-Cities area businesses for their generous assistance with the mural project: Seiffert Lumber donated all building materials for the mural, XPAC painted the mural, and Thrivent Financial provided paint markers so students can write and draw on the mural.
  • WHBF and Quad Cities CW will air 30-second videos in which kids and adults discuss the “stuff” that once held them back. They sought and received help and now they are overcomers. “Stuff” topics include sexual identity, diabetes, loss of a loved one, poverty, anxiety, depression, and more.
  • WQPT will feature the videos on their website, while local radio stations will air the audio.
  • A seven-minute video, designed to reach students who may suffer from depression, will be shown in area schools. Q&A sessions will follow. The Q&A guide was developed by members of the Scott County Suicide Awareness Task Force in conjunction with Area Education Agencies (AEA).

‘The Dangers They Face’ Movement

If You Only Knew: The Journey Through Teen Depression and Suicide is the first of eight documentaries/prime-time news specials and podcasts being created by Mickle Communications. Together, these eight programs create a series known as ‘The Dangers They Face’ Movement. This series provides a gritty, in-depth investigation into multiple under-the-radar concerns in today’s world.

“Many parents do not realize how prevalent these dangers have become,” Mickle said. “We’ve taken on the role of informing the community. All eight documentaries are being produced by Mickle Communications and Healthy Happy Families Foundation. The goal is to strengthen families with a proactive approach, and to empower children with good decision-making skills and parents with vital resources.”

The eight documentaries will be:

  • If You Only Knew: The Journey Through Teen Depression and Suicide
  • Human Trafficking in the Heartland
  • Down on the Pharm: The Pharmaceutical and Heroin Epidemic
  • Finding the River: Poverty in the Land of Plenty
  • Power & Control: When Young Love Goes Wrong
  • Digital Dangers: The Threats that Lurk Online
  • Class Not Dismissed: Violence in the Classroom
  • The Transition: Examining Transgender Issues

“We need the support of the community as we continue to build awareness,” Mickle said. “If you want to join the fight to protect today’s young people, be sure to contact us at (563) 940-7875 or mike@micklecommunications.com.”

Visit weallhavestuff.com for more information on the dangers to young people mentioned above. For more information on the documentaries and other Mickle Communications projects, check out micklecommunications.com.