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Sometimes, being a teenager can be awkward and stressful – and you can feel like an emotional mess! Stress is one of many factors that can lead to teen depression.

Other factors can include mental illness, disappointment in oneself, bullying, a breakup in a relationship, and feeling helpless, hopeless or even unloved. When neglected or untreated, depression in teens can result in suicide. Many teens don’t speak out about how they feel, and that, too, can lead to suicide. Throughout the nation, teen suicide rates are increasing, even locally in the Quad Cities area. Teen suicide in the area has become an epidemic.

To help the community to combat the rise in teen depression and suicide, Healthy Happy Families Foundation is sponsoring a campaign in area schools called #WeAllHaveStuff, starting in the Fall 2017 school year.

#WeAllHaveStuff is a program that will travel through area junior high and high school classes. Students will be shown a 7-to-10-minute video about Teen Suicide and Depression in classrooms with a teacher to guide them through the video, and a counselor on hand as well.

Along with the video, there will be a traveling mural, on which students can draw or write a message about what is holding them back from being happy. The initiative of the #WeAllHaveStuff Campaign is for students to feel free to speak out and express themselves.

Some of the issues holding students back from opening up include: fighting depression, sexual orientation, dealing with diabetes, losing a family member, or abuse. The mission is to get students to open up about their “stuff” and understand that they are not alone in their problems, and there is help available to them. One great example of a source of help is the National Suicide Prevention Lifeline: 1-800-273-8255.

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