Children in our community are dying at an alarming rate. Our community has lost more than a dozen children to suicides. Others are caught in a battle with drugs that will end in death if they don’t find help. Many are finding other dangers online where pedophiles lurk. Some are being abducted, abused, and/or sold for sex. Then, there are those who are surrounded by poverty. So, what can we do?

After tackling the difficult subject of teen depression and suicide in the documentary “If You Only Knew…The Journey Through Teen Depression and Suicide,” which gave gut-wrenching stories of local children who took their own lives because they saw no other way out, Mickle Communications was faced with an outpouring of requests for help with that topic and many others that represent dangers facing our youth, such as Human Trafficking, Heroin Addiction, Poverty, Unhealthy Personal Relationships, and Digital Dangers . A second documentary, “Human Trafficking in the Heartland,” has been produced and will give viewers a look at the prevalence of local children being sold for sex. The documentaries aren’t enough. We as a community need to do more. This is why the Happy Healthy Families Foundation (HHFF) was created.

The brainchild of Mike and Karen Mickle through Mickle Communications, the foundation is a nonprofit 501C(3) formed in 2016 as a resource to strengthen families. The Healthy Happy Families Foundation, through its fundraising efforts, community outreach, and education, strives to empower children and families with the confidence to battle the many dangers and issues facing children and families today. HHFF is committed to enhancing community awareness of these dangers and issues so that we as a community can help our children remain safe and guide them toward a happy, productive future.